EQUUS Foundation partners with HEART Equine Ambulance at Fairfield June Horse Show - WESTPORT, CT - June 1, 2012 - The EQUUS Foundation and HEART Equine Ambulance are partnering to provide emergency equine service and transport at the "AA-Rated" Fairfield County Hunt Club June Benefit Horse Show, which will be held on Tuesday-Saturday, June 19-23, 2012 on the grounds of the historic Fairfield County Hunt Club in Westport, CT.

HEART Receives Grant for a New Ambulance - The Davis-McCullough Foundation and Victoria McCullough graciously donates a grant for a new Equine Ambulance. The ambulance is now in production and HEART hopes to have it ready by April or May, 2012.

Southern States Feed sponsors HEART - We are asking people or barns to collect proof of purchase seals from Southern States and Triple Crown feeds.  HEART then turns each Proof of Purchase Seal in for .25 cents per seal.

Bobbie Braun Artwork to Benefit HEART Equine Ambulance




From May 17, 2008  HEART provides state-of-the-art emergency transportation services for injured or ill horses. Meet their staff and go inside one of their ambulances for horses.

From May 5, 2008 - Equine Ambulance Appearing at NYC Horse Exhibit

From April 30, 2008 - HEART Equine Ambulance to be Featured at American Museum of Natural History's Horse Exhibit

From February 18, 2008 - HEART Sock Hop Attendees Twist the Night Away!

From February 8, 2008 - HEART 'Sock Hop' Just One Week Away!

From January 21, 2008 - HEART Equine Ambulance 'Sock Hop' Fundraiser Success Secured by Sponsors

From December 17, 2007 - HEART Equine Ambulance Allotted $10,000 Grant From ASPCA

From November 26, 2007 - Save the Date! Saturday, Feb. 15, 2007, HEART Sock Hop

From March 11, 2007 - 'Heart' Ambulance Brings Sick or Hurt Horses Hope

From March 6, 2007 - Horse injuries no longer death sentence thanks to ambulance

From February 12, 2007 - An alternative is HEART, a horse ambulance team based on the horse show circuit that promotes education about horse injuries and provides ambulance services at shows and race meets all over the country.

From February 9, 2007 - HEART Equine Ambulance Staff Takes Large Animal Emergency Rescue Clinic

From January 29, 2007 - Wellington, FL — The Humane Equine Aid and Rapid Transport (HEART) Equine Ambulance is a very personal cause for many top equestrians.

From January 26, 2007 - HEART Equine Ambulance Plans Hoedown for February 9, 2007

From January 22, 2007 - Sweely Family Supports HEART Equine Ambulance and Helps to Plan Hoedown for February 9, 2007

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